A brief history of Ballantines whiskey

Thought to be a rich and sophisticated scotch ballantines whiskey has got a space of its own in the world of fine whiskies. Ballantines whiskey is the best whiskey that matches the present day lifestyle and its rich flavors endear it to numerous others. This wonderful drink presents much more as compared to 50 single malt flavors. The malts from Miltonduff and Glenburgie make this balanced drink absolutely stylish.

Ballantines has got a history that dates back to the year 1827 once a farmers son named George Ballantine began a small grocery store in Edinburgh. He often promote select range of whiskies from his store. His clients was classy and famous.

In the year 1865 George decided to expand his small business and give the management of the store to his eldest son and focused all his attention in opening and running a bigger establishment in Glasgow. This is where he intended to focus exclusively on wines and spirits. Among his customers http://wineryyeast.com were part of the British royal family. He produced and test with numerous blends and once that met with success he roped in his younger son George Junior into the small business. The business was now identified as George Ballantine and Sons Ltd. His company grew steadily and he eventually added a warehouse and launched exporting scotch whiskey.

George Ballantine retired from active enterprise in 1881 and died 10 years later. Meanwhile his son George junior kept the family tradition before ultimately agreeing a buy out offer from Barclay and McKinlay. The new owners use the old name and cashed in on the fantastic goodwill and loyal customer base. They also developed developing Ballantine’s as a brand. As the brand name grew there was a need for additional resources as now the entire world was their market and that’s why in the year 1937 Hiram Walker Gooderham & Worts a Canadian Distilling firm acquired the company. The first thing that the new owners did was buy a distillery at Miltonduff, close to Elgin and license it to Ballantine’s.

It was even in the same year, 1937 that the company received the Grant of Heraldic Arms and was accepted as incorporation noble on the Noblesse of Scotland’. To this day the heraldic arms decorate the grant and appear on every bottle of Ballantine’s scotch whiskey.

Nowadays ballantines whiskey is a perfectly established global brand with instant shopper recall. The range contains four distinct products Ballantine’s Finest, Gold seal, 30 Year old, and 17 Year old.

Today the firm has maturing warehouses at Dumbuck near Dumbarton, Willowyard near Beith in Ayrshire.
Now Ballantine’s whiskey has one of the most advanced blending and bottling units at Kilmalid and is considered to be one of the finest in Europe. In the year 1988 this company became a part of the Allied Domecq Spirits and Wine conglomerate. A actually global brand its reputation and buyer base continues to grow progressively.